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At Confluqs, we are dedicated to providing you with not just a new challenge but offer an evolving professional career and fulfillment.

With our personal approach we want to make meaningful connections between companies and experts.

How it works

Here's how we introduce you to your next opportunity:


Begin by registering. Provide us your contact details, upload your CV and let us know if you are a freelancer or seeking a permanent position.

Screening Process

After registration, we initiate our screening process. This step may include an introductory conversation to better understand your skills, experiences, and professional aspirations. Our aim is to ensure a perfect match between your expertise and the needs of our clients.

Database Inclusion

After that, you are included in our database. From this point on, we look for the right opportunity to arise.


When we find a fit that aligns with your expertise, we'll introduce you to the company.

Where Your Cybersecurity Skills and Business Needs Align


Here’s why joining our community is a great move for your professional journey:

Personal Approach

Building an honest and strong relationship with our candidates is what we strive to achieve in order to find the most suitable.

Career Advancement in Cybersecurity

We look for positions that align with your expertise and professional goals, ensuring your career growth and satisfaction.

Guidance and Support

Continuous support for candidates throughout the entire process, from hiring to onboarding.

Career Longevity

Opportunities with companies that invest in their employees' long-term career growth and development.

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