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Confluqs provides access to a large network of cybersecurity talent. We ensure an in-depth screening process that delivers a great match. Whether you are looking for a freelancer or a new employees, our promise is to deliver.

Let us help you find the experts you need to safeguard your operations and drive your business forward.

Why Confluqs

Extensive Screening Process

Our thorough screening ensures a perfect match between your needs and our experts’ skills, guaranteeing the right fit for your challenges and company.

Niche Profiles

Gain access to a wide array of specialized cybersecurity talent, from IAM consultants to Risk Managers and many more.

Flexibility and Adaptability

We understand that needs change, offering flexibility with the ability to provide replacements quickly.

Transparent fees

Transparent fees, no hidden costs and streamlined administrative processes.

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Confluqs Connects Cybersecurity Talent with Leading Companies

How it works

Discover our efficient process designed for companies.

Initiate Contact

Share your cybersecurity needs, whether you are looking for temporary staffing or a permanent employees

Requirement Analysis

Our team goes through these needs carefully to understand the skills and experience needed.

Talent Matching

We identify candidates who match your criteria the most.

Candidate Introduction

We introduce you to the selected candidates, providing detailed profiles that highlight their skills, experience, and how they can contribute to your team and challenges.

It's a match!

We facilitate the onboarding process depending on your company’s procedures, handling administrative aspects from contracts to compliance and remain your partner after the hiring process with ongoing support.

Seamless Onboarding

We facilitate your onboarding process, handling all administrative aspects from contracts to compliance. This lets you integrate the new talent into your team effortlessly

Ongoing Support

We remain your partner after the hiring process with ongoing support that ensures a successful collaboration with our cybersecurity experts.

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