Cybersecurity Skills
With Business Needs

Welcome to Confluqs, where we connect cybersecurity talent with the companies that need them, bringing together expertise and opportunity.

At Confluqs, we are dedicated to finding a perfect match between cybersecurity experts and the companies who need them.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital security, finding the right talent is not easy.

With our personal approach and the powerful network of the Cronos Group, we want to make meaningful connections between companies and experts whether it is for freelance or permanent positions.

Linking Cybersecurity Talent To Companies For Mutual Growth And Security

The Unique Promise of Confluqs

We offer a blend of services tailored to the cybersecurity domain, including:


A database of pre-screened talent, ensuring we can help companies find the right match for their needs.


A seamless, efficient process that saves time and resources for businesses.


We offer candidates with a wide range of niche skill sets or general cybersecurity experts.


streamlined processes, underpinned by the solid reputation and support of The Cronos Group.

Confluqs stands as more than just a staffing agency; we are a strategic partner in cybersecurity staffing, committed to excellence, innovation, and the growth of our clients and professionals.

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